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PatViz graphic analysis tool, patent searches
Patent search results from Espacenet, Depatisnet and Tegnosis can be visually represented by help of the web application PatViz. The single-user tool offers interactive charts in order to analyse market actors in dedicated technical fields.

PatViz can establish:

  • Who is busy in which technical field
  • Which technical fields market actors focus on
  • White spot analysis
  • Search for cooperation partners
  • Search for M&A candidates
  • Technical trends

Heat Map

Example Swiss manufacturers of capsules and capsule machinery in 2015 Example Swiss manufacturers of capsules and capsule machinery in 2015

Overview of Characteristics


An unlimited number of patent searches (export files) from Espacenet, Depatisnet and Tegnosis can be uploaded to PatViz

Data consolidation

PatViz reformats the uploaded patent search data, eliminates duplicates and generates a uniform database

Allocation of Patent Applicants

In order to avoid applicant names with different spellings the tool offers functionality to create new applicant names and to allocate corresponding applicants.

Example: Created name is ABB. Applicant names like ABB TURBO SYSTEMS, ABB MANAGEMENT and ABB RESEARCH are substituted by ABB

Interactive Charts

There are various types of charts available. By clicking on nodes within all charts the corresponding patent information is shown.

Heat Map

The main focus of PatViz has been set to the chart "applicants-technologies". The horizontal axe shows the technology fields characteristed by the international patent classes (IPC). By click on one of the IPC sections (A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H) one can zoom into the next lower IPC level. In addition, all IPC classes are directly linked to the corresponding class definition on the WIPO website. The number of patents at the nodes are shown according to a color scale.


All uploaded searches are consolidated in a database. This database can be exported and later re-imported for purposes such as data complementation, running analysis or chart demonstrations in PatViz.

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PatViz is a single user application and is available as an annual subscription.

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