Scambia provides consultancy services for both private and corporate clients.
Decades of experience has produced internatrional wide expertise in the following key areas:

Patent Portfolio Management

In order to be competitive, technology companies must treat patents as crucial assets due to their significant cost factor and therefore require a patent management system.

Scambia therefore offers the following services to clientsoffer:
  • Analyse internal structures and processes relevant to patent activities
  • Identify the relevant cost drivers
  • Propose and implement an effective patent management system

Patent Portfolio Evaluation

Determining the true value of a patent portfolio is a critical step in the governance and management of crucial assets.

A patent portfolio evaluation is required when:

  • Sale of patents / patent portfolios
  • Considering any issues concerning company financing related to patents

Our offer:

  • Monetary evaluation of the patent portfolio related to future income

Patent Exploitation

Out-licensing of patents, or selling patents along with the acquired know-how, (i.e. prototypes, test results, equipment etc), are both complicated activities that most technology companies face at some point in their operation.)

Scandia therefore offers the following services to assist clients:

  • Evaluation of patent claims and status including a patent search for competing technologies
  • Identify and contact potential licensees
  • Formulate contracts

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